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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tacos de Papas

Tacos de Papas, or potato tacos, are easy to make, inexpensive, and very filling. You may serve them with your favorite rice, and beans. You might like them topped with sour cream, avocado, or even salsa. I topped mine w/guacamole since I can't have dairy right now. It was so good! Enjoy! 


4 Md-Lg red skin potatoes, scrubbed.
½ tsp salt (or to taste)
¼ cup diced red onion (you can use white or yellow if you don't have/like red)
1 jalapeño, diced (to taste)
1/4 cup sweet peppers (use what you have. Red, yellow, green, or orange bell peppers all work fine!)
1/4 cup salsa
2-3 Tbsp oil
6 corn tortillas
2-3 ounces chihuahua cheese, shredded (You can sub any cheese you prefer, I just like dog cheese) Ha!

Serves 2-3

Place potatoes into a medium-sized saucepan, cover with water, lightly salt, and boil. Cook until tender. While potatoes are cooking, dice onions, peppers, and jalapeños (remove seeds & veins). When potatoes are done, remove from water, peel and mash.

In a large skillet heat the oil to medium heat and fry onions, peppers, and jalapeños until onions are translucent and soft.

Reduce the heat and add in the mashed potatoes. (Salt & pepper to taste if need be) Cook together for about 3 minutes, stir to prevent sticking. The potato mixture should be fairly dry. If the potatoes seem too dry for your taste you may add some of the water/cooking liquid from the potatoes, broth, or milk to help them stick together. Remove potatoes from heat and set aside.

In a dry skillet, heat the corn tortillas to soften them. Once pliable, remove the tortillas from heat. Fill each tortilla with 1/3 cup potato mixture and ½ ounce shredded cheese. Fold tortillas in half and return to comal to melt the cheese and toast the outside of the tortillas. Remove from heat and serve immediately. Tacos may be served as is or with a salsa of your choosing.

Optional serving suggestions:

Instead of toasting the tacos in a skillet for the last step, they may also be fried in oil and then drained on a paper towel before serving.

Some people mix in tomatoes, or pico de gallo, instead salsa into their potato mix. You can make this so many's really up to you and what your family will like.

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