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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 8 of 21 day cleanse

Today was good. I was off work today (sick child) and I am pretty happy with how well I am doing at home! It's easier to stick to what's packed in the lunch bag! When I'm at home I have grazing opportunities, and I've been very good about keeping that to a minimum.

I am still going strong on the cleanse, and am feeling good physically and mentally. I know I keep bragging, but I really am so proud of myself for making such a change in my diet!

Here's todays meals. Have a great night, and thanks for reading (all 2 of you, Bwahaha!)

Breakfast: Banana, decaf coffee, water

Lunch: Roasted Red Pepper hummus, corn chips, water

pm snack: 1/4 cup almonds

Dinner: 3 Tacos de papas, and gallo pinto. Pink lemonade to drink...which tasted nothing like the margarita I had envisioned. LOL!!!

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