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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Getting back to life as usual

With the house sold, the move completed, and a few months before we can close on the new house I finally have some time to breathe, and get the daily life tasks back in order.

Today was super productive! I was expecting an all day rainy day, but instead it stopped raining in the mid morning and stayed dry the rest of the day. It was just cool enough for a hoodie which made for great yard work weather!

The front landscaping beds are cleaned out and new perennials have been planted. The grass has been cut, and edging was completed. The sandbox got a new bag of fresh sand, and the mud pit by the road got fresh dirt in preparation for seed.

The most exciting task of the day was planting some veggies. I am not going to get to have a garden this year because of waiting to close on the house so I am trying container gardening this year. I planted 2 patio tomatoes, 2 bell peppers, and 4 jalapenos. I would love to plant some zuccini as well but am not sure if I can get a large enough container. We'll see!

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