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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Paying it forward

It's amazing how the pay it forward concept works. This morning I found myself dreading a trip to the fabric store. My son asked me to make him an Olaf costume for a school event.

I had no idea where to begin. A Facebook status update expressing my situation generated a suggestion. Ask your mom friend to borrow hers. 

I had no idea that this mom friend of mine had an Olaf costume. Not just a costume A mascot worthy costume! She does characters for birthday parties so I should have guessed she'd have the latest characters!

I messaged her and asked if I could rent the costume. She replied that I could borrow it as she has been looking for a way to pay it forward to me for years for a kindness I have to her family years ago. 

I never thought about that kindness coming back my way. I'm super thankful that this worked out. Now I can enjoy my weeknd without being stuck behind the sewing machine and he will look better than anything that I could have ever made him.

So thankful for my mom friends kindness and generosity to allow us to borrow this beautiful Olaf costume for the "Tea with a princess" event!