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Saturday, January 31, 2009

01/31/09 Nadine's birthday party w/family

This was Nadine's birthday party with family. Due to Grandma's birthday luncheon being the weekend before and us not wanting to do a friends party the same day as grandmas party and/or family party for Nadine...she got 3 parties this year. Lucky girl!

Nadine was really tickeled to see that so many family members came again this year. The kids really do appreciate having such a close family. It certainly isn't the norm amongst her friends, and she feels truly blessed for that!

The birthday girl Kareoke Queen.
That was some good cake!

Make a wish!

Pawpaw says it's spankin' time!

Uncle Carlos & Greg got sis a card that matched her shirt..and they didn't even know!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

01/29/09 Snow Day!

The kids finally got that Snow day they had been hoping for. The stayed outside all of 30 minutes. They built a snow fort with some neighborhood friends and came in for some Hot Cocoa. Kids these days just aren't as hearty of a stock as we were, Ha!

01/29/09 Nadine gets highlights!

Nadine decided to get highlights as her "Something you want" gift. Jenny, our friend and neighbor, gladly came over to do Nadine's highlights on her 10th Birthday. They turned out great and Nadine loves them!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday my Love...

Today is my Husband's 33rd Birthday! We were supposed to go to Kona Jacks Fish Market for dinner, but thanks to the snow his parents, Aunt & Uncle have had to cancel coming into town.

We may go out to lunch, and to buy him some new jeans. We plan to reschedule his Birthday dinner for when his folks can make it...which needs to be this week since they leave for warmer weather on Monday! I'm sure I'll post pics if/when we do dinner!

Monday, January 26, 2009

My 2 year old Chef...

More antics about my 2 y/o in the kitchen.

I got an early start on dinner tonight. My Daughter has Basketball practice so I knew I would be on a tight schedule. I decided to come home early and whip up a batch of Chili.

I picked up my 2 y/o from the Babysitter. I picked up my oldest son from practice and headed home. When we got home I decided to watch a little TV while I awaited my husband.

I hear one of the boys yell “Oh No! You are such a bad boy!” So, I get up and regretably start heading to the kitchen. I now can hear the 2 older boys fighting over who’s gonna tell.
As I approach the kitchen I find that one of the older kids has apprently left the baby gate open, and my 2 y/o had got in the kitchen, moved a chair up to the stove, and added 14 jars of various spices into the Chili. Paprika, Garlic, Onion, Lemmon Pepper, Bacon bits, Tumeric, All Spice, Cinnamon, and the list goes on and on.

Dinner was ruined, and now I am out for $30 or so in spices.
Please disreguard my previous blog about the “Joys” of baking with a 2 y/o. I’ve changed my mind!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

01/25/09 Earth Scouts meeting

Today the kids learned how to Tye Dye with permanant markers and rubbing alcohol. They designed their own T-shirts. They had fun picking their own color schemes and seeing what designs they can make.

01/24/09 Nadine's 10th Birthday!

Today was Nadine's 10th Birthday party with some of her girlfriends. Mom took the girls to Julians to play some Arcade games. We stopped at McD's for some burgers and went back to the house for a Cupcake buffet and to open gifts.

The girls had a great time, won tons of tickets and picked out some fun prizes from Jillians.

Grandma Hamilton's 80th Birthday!

Today we had a surprise birthday luncheon at Bucca di Beppo! Almost everyone was there! We had a fabulous time! Grandma was tickeled that we all came together to celebrate her big day!
The kids were so well behaved, and everyone really enjoyed themselves!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

01/24/09 Grandma Hamilton's 80th B-day

Today was Grandma Hamiltons 80th Birthday Luncheon. Everyone from the Hamilton Family in the State came to celelbrate at Bucca Di Beppos. Grandma was suprised because she thought she was going to lunch with just Mom & Dad.

The kids had a great time getting to sit at their own table with their cousin Madison! Nadine and I had to leave early to get her Birthday party started. It was a very nice Luncheon!

Nadine's 10th Birthday

This year Nadine took her friends to Jillian's Billiards for her Birthday. Her Birthday isn't for a few more days, but we decided to have her party with Family the weekend after...so this one came early!

The girls had tons of fun, and we came back to the house to have a cupcake buffet. The girls asked for McDonalds so they ate and then hung out until the parents picked them up.

Poor Nadine was so Car sick going to and from Jillians!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Baking with a 2 year old...

This is just a fun little story about the Joy of Baking with a Toddler.

Tonight I made 5 dozen cupcakes for my Daughters Birthday Party tomorrow. I should note that there are just 6 guests, however we are making a cup cake buffet and since I don’t bake from scratch we had to make full boxes of each flavor!
I thought it would be fun to let my 2 y/o help me with the baking tonight while the older kids played. I let him pour in the water and oil, and I cracked the eggs. I then let him run the mixer with much guidance by my hand.
It was just one of those precious moments that are far and few between, in my experience, with a 2 year old boy!

After each batch was done he would announce the flavor of cupcake “Chocolate cup cake? Mmmmm…I Taste?” and with that he would gently dip just the tip of his finger into the batter and taste it. He would give his seal of approval, point to the next box and say “Next one?”.
It was just too precious! I wish I had a video camera!

So…if you ever have the opportunity, do some baking with a 2 year old. It is sure to brighten your day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to Organize a file cabinet

I have not found my Blog niche-so to speak. Friends have told me that I have a knack for Creative Organization around the home. I thought I'd try out blogging about some of my fave Organizational tips and ideas and see how it goes. If there is an area in your home you'd like some help with let me know and I'll Blog some ideas just for you!

How to Organize a file cabinet

Suggested Supplies:

File Folders
Hanging File Folders (I use many colors to separate the File types)
Avery 5160 Address Labels
Computer Printer

Of course you also need a File cabinet/box/system and Files :)

To Start-Sort your files by type. You may have Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Household Bills, Medical Files, Legal Files, Auto Files, Employment Files, Tax Files, School Files, etc.)

Use one Color of Hanging File Folder to house each type of File. ie:
Purple=Bank Accounts

etc., etc..

Most files should be labeled and placed in their own hanging file folder. Some files may be minor, and this is where you can use file folders to place 3 different files in one hanging file folder. Maybe you have 2 or 3 Children and can place all of their school file folders in one hanging file folder.

To make your labels open up Microsoft Word on your PC and follow the directions for the Avery Labels. Print the labels and attach them to the file folders and hanging file folder tabs. You can also label the tabs with a permanent marker.

Having Organized files makes Tax time easier, as well as increases the probability that you will actually file paperwork!

Monday, January 12, 2009

01/11/09 Earth Scouts Nature Badges!

Today the Earth Scouts gave Badge presetations. The kids have earned their nature badge's for their first Earth Scouts Badge! Andrew presented Non-point source water polloution. Nadine presented Invasive Species. Dane presented Harvesting.

Nadine was nominated for "Top presentation" and will be recognized at the first Earth Scouts Meeting in March! The kids did a great job researching the subjects learned during the Nature section of Earth Scouts lessons.

Dane before he gave his oral presentation for Harvest time.
Nadine giving a Powerpoint presentation on Invasive Species.
Andrew giving his oral presentation on Non-point source water polloution.
The Earth Scouts circle.
The kids are getting ready to do their presentations for the group!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

01/10/2009 Andrew's Birthday Par-tay!

Today was Andrew's Birthday party with the family. He is now 12 years old! He had his buddies Jalin and Baily over for cake and did some gaming.

Andrew got lots of cash this year. He's just getting too old to buy for, Ha! He spent his money on more games, and Wii controlers.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Andrew's 12th Birthday

Today was Andrew's 12th Birthday party. I can hardly believe I am the Mother of a 12 y/o!!! He is growing up so fast. It seems like last year we were just sending him off to Kindergarten.

Apparently Andrew is too old to do the Birthday "kid style" now so we just had a few of his friends come over along with the whole famn damily!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

01/01/09 Happy New Year!

New Years Eve: Dane & Aiden went to Grammies, and Andre & Nadine went to Carlos & Gregs. Mom and Dad went to Steph and Brians new house to shoot some pool, graze the appetizers, and light fireworks to bring in the New Year.

This is the kids before they left the house on New Years Eve!

Nadine playing Guitar Hero at Carlos & Gregs, Rockin' in the New Year!

New Years Day at the Tale of Desperaux Movie w/Carlos & Greg.