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Monday, January 26, 2009

My 2 year old Chef...

More antics about my 2 y/o in the kitchen.

I got an early start on dinner tonight. My Daughter has Basketball practice so I knew I would be on a tight schedule. I decided to come home early and whip up a batch of Chili.

I picked up my 2 y/o from the Babysitter. I picked up my oldest son from practice and headed home. When we got home I decided to watch a little TV while I awaited my husband.

I hear one of the boys yell “Oh No! You are such a bad boy!” So, I get up and regretably start heading to the kitchen. I now can hear the 2 older boys fighting over who’s gonna tell.
As I approach the kitchen I find that one of the older kids has apprently left the baby gate open, and my 2 y/o had got in the kitchen, moved a chair up to the stove, and added 14 jars of various spices into the Chili. Paprika, Garlic, Onion, Lemmon Pepper, Bacon bits, Tumeric, All Spice, Cinnamon, and the list goes on and on.

Dinner was ruined, and now I am out for $30 or so in spices.
Please disreguard my previous blog about the “Joys” of baking with a 2 y/o. I’ve changed my mind!

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  1. I remember that. That little guy is allways getting into trouble. Now that i think of it. I was arguing rather i sould tell or if the other older crayon eater should. Than I came and you came and then !boom! crayon eater chilli! LOL.