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Thursday, December 3, 2009

My little Mehndi artist

In true form today, Aiden pulled out all the stops. For reasons unknown, his hearts desire was to gain full access to Sissy's nail polish. Aiden will go to great lengths to get what he wants.

We have a lock on the exterior of Nadine's bedroom door, and with good reason. Aiden loves to get into her polish, glitter, and make-up. He has stained carpet, bedding, and several pieces of her white furniture with his shenanigans.

Today all the stars lined up for dear Aiden. Sissy went to a friends to play, and left her door unlocked. Mommy decided to take 5 to check her Fb whilst Aiden was playing well independantly in his bedroom.

Apparently Aiden decided to test the door and to his delight it was unlocked. What three year old thinks to recheck doors that are normally locked? This child!

So, he dumped her hamper to use it as a step ladder. Once he gained access to the top shelf of the closet it was like stealing candy from a baby.

He climbed the make shift ladder, grabbed the tote, plopped down on her bed, painted a little Mehndi art on his chest, belly, and yes folks...even his penis. He also got some on her white dresser, her bedding, and his clothing. All in a span of about 5 minutes folks!

This kid will, without a doubt, give me gray hair before my 35th!

Do you see the green and blue caboodle on the top shelf? The little tote that we keep the nail polish, polish remover, and the like was by that tote to ensure it was "out of the babies reach.". It's at least 7 feet up. I can barely reach the shelf on foot. On a side note...I am well aware my daughter has too many shoes, for those who took note, Thank you very much! *sigh*

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today is day 1 of my "Try something new" challenge that was posted on http://indianapolis.momslikeme.com by KatieD1. Today's something new is trying out a new blog! I plan to blog all the crazy fiascos that my kids get into, and since I love taking photos I hope to add some to that on occasion as well.

On our family blog I post about all the fun stuff we do as a family, as well as my personal life experiences...so why not have a blog for all the not-so-positive, often times hilarious, stuff we encounter as parents!

I hope you enjoy the randomness that is my four children, ages 3 to almost 13!!!