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Friday, January 23, 2009

Baking with a 2 year old...

This is just a fun little story about the Joy of Baking with a Toddler.

Tonight I made 5 dozen cupcakes for my Daughters Birthday Party tomorrow. I should note that there are just 6 guests, however we are making a cup cake buffet and since I don’t bake from scratch we had to make full boxes of each flavor!
I thought it would be fun to let my 2 y/o help me with the baking tonight while the older kids played. I let him pour in the water and oil, and I cracked the eggs. I then let him run the mixer with much guidance by my hand.
It was just one of those precious moments that are far and few between, in my experience, with a 2 year old boy!

After each batch was done he would announce the flavor of cupcake “Chocolate cup cake? Mmmmm…I Taste?” and with that he would gently dip just the tip of his finger into the batter and taste it. He would give his seal of approval, point to the next box and say “Next one?”.
It was just too precious! I wish I had a video camera!

So…if you ever have the opportunity, do some baking with a 2 year old. It is sure to brighten your day!

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  1. Aw how adorable. When you have a 2 year old crayon eater there is one thing it can do best. EAT!!! I wish you had a camera. That would have been awesome to see. Too bad that he turned around and ruined the chilli!