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Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 2 of 21 day cleanse

Today was better. I weighed in today. 182.2. How depressing. A year ago I was down to 165. I hate that I did this to myself, but it's done and I am doing something about it now. I'm looking forward to joining a gym next month when school starts back up so I can get back into a healthy and do-able workout routine.

Breakfast: Quick oats, Banana & water

Lunch: Vegan chili, tortilla chips, water

Dinner: Vegan Gumbo, corn tortillas, water

PM snack: (We went to the movies) I smuggled in 100 cal. of natural popcorn, a handful of ranier cherries, and a bottle of water with a lemon ad-in.

That was today. I was very proud of myself that I planned ahead for the movies and took some healthy snacks instead of suffering while everyone else snacked away. I don't feel guilty about smuggling in my treats either since I paid $12.50 for my daughter to have a drink and a lunch bag sized popcorn!!!!!

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