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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 15 of 21 day cleanse

Hello day 15! I had a bit of a Coke craving earlier but it passed within an hour. I had higher hopes that the craving would be gone by now, but at least I've been able to work through them.

A lot of my friends have had a hard time understanding why I am doing this. Many people have said "You will gain back any weight you have lost withing a week." and while that may be true, my reasoning behind doing this isn't all about weight loss.

Sure I want to get back down to a more healthy weight, but I mainly just want to be healthy. Eating more frequently and consistantly are things I've always struggled with. Making healthy choices in not only my daily diet, but also during times of stress and inconvienience are areas I also struggle in.

In every aspect of my life I see the many shades of gray except for this one. There is no gray. My eating habits are black and white. I either make completely poor choices or I made all good ones.

When I dine at a fast food restaurant becasue I've worked for 6 hours, had to run to the daycare, get the middle kids off the bus, go to a track meet, and then get back home at 730pm with a pile of work on my desk to do I choose the complete most unhealthy choice. I pick the jumbo 1/4 lb burger with mayo, and cheese, and a large fry and a super large coke. This cleanse is helping me to remember that if I have to dine on the run I really should opt for the regular sized hamburger, a side salad, and a water, or even iced tea. This is why I needed to purge my system. I needed to get all of that junk out of me, and reset my gut! that I have shared that with those who read perhaps a few of you will stop ragging on me about this and let me just make it through the next 6 days and have a little faith in me!

Todays meals:

bfast: Rice cake w/natural PB & SF Grape Jam, water to drink. NO decafe. Yay!

am treat: black decafe coffee

lunch: Quinoa supergrain gluten free spaghetti noodles tossed with 2 TBSP vegan butter and topped w/ a sprinkle of veg shreds, water.

dinner: 3 bean chili, gluten free vegan cornbread, decafe iced tea.

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