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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 14 of 21 day cleanse

Life is to short to eat healthy, and if I stop eating healthy life is going to be even shorter.

Today is day 14. I'm 2 full weeks into the cleanse, and with 1 week to go I am growing tired of the same food day in and day out. As you may have seen from my cooking blog I have given my very best effort to find new and creative ways to make my foods during this cleanse enjoyable, and different. This gal is running out of ideas.

Today went well. I worked a double workload today so I can finally have a day off tomorrow. I plan to soak up some sweat by the pool with my chitlens, my friend and her kiddos. I hope it is enjoyable!

I was running late this mornign and choked down a quick Berry GF breakfast bar. IT was good, but very tiny! Had some decafe coffee, and water on may way to work.

For lunch I had the usual, hummus w/corn chips, carrots, and I had some ranier cherries instead of grapes today. Water to drink.

Dinner was fast and late because my 2 oldest had Cross Country runs tonight. Tofu taco bowls & guacamole. Water and decafe tea to drink. I liked it better than the bean one I made last week.

No snacks today. No particular reason...just didn't feel hungry at those times.

Have a great night. I may surprise you with a Thursdy blog tomorrow...maybe a few pool pics...but not of me! Haha!


  1. Have you made bean burgers? When I make them, we've had them sans bun with salsa. When I make them, I've used breadcrumbs, but I'm guessing you could easily substitute with a GF filler/binder. (I don't regularly cook GF, so I don't have good ideas). However, I highly recommend Brewer's Yeast/ nutritional yeast. I used it a lot in my vegan cooking- it adds a nutty, parmesanish flavor.

  2. We have made bean burgers. We've made 4 different recipes and they were all very good. Thanks for the info on Brewer's yeast. I see a lot of recipes call for yeast so I may try that!