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Monday, July 19, 2010

21 day fitness challenge-for me!

I'm closing in on the last few days of my 21 day cleanse. I have decided to give this 21 day routine another go in a different area of my life. Fitness! I have not been active in nearly a year now. That's not to say I'm a couch potato. I do work outside the home, and am on my feet all day...but that's work, and I don't work up a sweat doing that (not very often, anyway)

So, starting on Thursday July 22nd I will be entering 21 days of fitness. My game plan is to get in an hour of physical activity every day. That could mean 15 minutes of Yoga in the morning, and 15 minutes of aerobics in the afternoon, and a 30 minute walk...which I hope to morph back into a run, in the evenings.

I'll post my daily progress. I'll be counting on my friends and loved ones to hold me to it!

I have more work to do this evening so I will post day 19 of the 21 day cleanse after dinner.

Love ya,


  1. Go Lety!!! I am eager to follow along and share ideas and workouts and such!!

  2. Lety, I am going to join you in your 21 day fitness challenge. I think I will go to the library later this week and check out a dvd or two to help me!

  3. I just posted on FB that after I let this settle, I'm thinking of doing some sort of 21-day exercise thing. Great minds think alike. :)

  4. Liz-I'd love ideas on work-outs. I want to be a runner again!

    BTW-I did run about 1/4 mile of the 1 mile walk tonight. =D

    Nancy-Check YouTube also. They have some fitness cideos on the site!

    Strinka-Eerie! <3