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Sunday, July 11, 2010

A very special Tween Room

My daughter has always loved her pinks and purples. I, on the other hand, have never really been a fan of pink. That's pink now, not   P!nk. I'm a huge P!nk fan!

Nate's been outgrowing her room's style for a bit over a year now. Yes, that's right. For reasons unknown we are now calling her Nate. Funny how they decide they no longer like their childhood nicknames around this age.

She's growing up, and she's decided that her room doesn't reflect her down to earth personality. I agree. Besides...I'll be happy to see her purple walls go. Don't get me wrong...if I have to have purple in my home the shade I chose for her room years ago is really a nice shade. Not too girly, and not too fem., but it's still not my fave color.

She's starting 6th grade next month and she'd love to have a more mature bedroom to entertain her guests in. We've been picking up odds and ends for her room to switch out the girly to the earthy since March 2010. We're keeping the furniture and hope it will withstand at least 3 more years. The 4 poster bed...which my tom boy has reduced to a 2 posted bed, is not the best match for the design, but we'll make do. It's more shabby chic, but my wallet is more "work with what we have" as far as the big ticket items are concerned.

Here's what her room used to look like. I'll post an after photo late tonight!


  1. It looks fantastic! I love both versions but completely identify with the need to change (we did the same for my daughter this spring :)