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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family walks

It's something I've always wanted to do. It's something I've never made time for. After receiving some much needed motivation from my friend, and fellow mom blogger, Liz, I jumped up, dusted off my running shoes and asked the family if they wanted to take a walk.

I was going to walk with or without them, but was pleasantly surprised that they actually said "Yes!". They didn't realize what they were signing up for. 1/2 a mile into the walk the whining started. I did my best to not let their complaints make the walk a complete misery. We made it 1 mile and I felt great about it.

I'll probably hurt like heck tomorrow, and good luck getting them to go with me again. Ha! We'll see. Maybe they will...just maybe...and that's a very big maybe.

I was enjoying the secadas that were annoying the heck out of me the night before. It sounded much more like a nature walk in my neighborhood than I had expected. The view, however, was nothing like a nature walk.

After the 1st lap I took out my cell phone to snap some photos. Often times I don't know why I photograph the things that I do, but in this case the photos inspired me to blog.

I took about 2 dozen photos of the boys and dad walking, skipping, and running ahead of me. None of them turned out very well. I guess I should have stopped to snap the picture. My toddler had the cutest and most goofy walk ever!

I noticed that my neighbor has some really pretty flowers this year, and lots of them!

I also noticed that another neighbor seems to have moved out. We are limited to 1 trash can per household now, and sadly their trash heap smelled like decomp. Blech!

This sweet old lady has put her house up for sale. I had no idea. She held a yard sale every summer. I bought a very old and heavy mirror off of her for $3 once. She'll be missed...or at least her sales will be. :)

Our street signs really need replaced. I wonder how one goes abot replacing street signs.

My next door neighbor pulled up in his old truck that the ex-wifes got in the divorce. He leads a very interesting life. She moved out 2 years ago. Apparently he claims she quit making payments and since it was in his name he took it back. How did she get the truck if it was in his name? Interesting.
This is shameful. My friend, and neighbor 2 doors down acrossed the street had a swing in the yard that was worn down. Her hubs painted it and replaced the wood slats. I hadnt been down there to check it out. It looks great guys!

And as we walked up the drive I realized I don't think I've ever seen our garden lights lit up from the street view like this. Pretty! Note to self-Need to adjust the time an hour. We apparently forgot to do that when DST happened. Oops!

It's amazig how much you can observe in your own neighborhood in one evening walk. People moving out, houses for sale, abandoned home, home improvements, landscaping, and much much more!


  1. That looks like a lot of fun. It's been took hot and I've been too lazy to go for walks in the neighborhood.

  2. What a wonderful walk and what a great way to journal it!! You've inspired a little idea to bloom... it's a seed that was planted a little while back... But it's going to grow now!!

  3. cfoxes, we went just before dusk when it had cooled off considerably. It has been to hot to even walk to the mailbox during the days here too. lol!

  4. Good for you. I've been really bad about encouraging my family to get out and get moving. Maybe tomorrow night?

  5. Amy-We didn't make it tonight and I was pretty dissapointed in myself! I didn't even think about it until it was dark outside, and I considered just going by myself but I am kind of afraid to walk aline at night. Definetly tomorrow! <3