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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friday Fragments {1.28.11}

Mommy's Idea

On Monday I decided that perhaps the line between my home and crazy town was a little too close so I decided to visit our family doc. We hung some of the drywall in the bathroom. The remodel is going slow and steady!

On Tuesday I was institutionalized. Thanks goodness they wave Wifi. I'm kidding! I started a new Rx and hope to be back to myself in no time. We didn't get around to hanging any drywall today.

On Wednesday I went back to work and had a great day, celebrating 26 days smoke free! Hubs finished hanging the last sheet of drywall today!

On Thursday I celebrated my husbands 35th birthday. We had lunch at Little Mexico and their beans were as good as Grandmas! We took the kids out for Sushi that night! Hubs started mudding the drywall today. We hope to be painting by the weekend!

On Friday I am working my last store for the month and then I can enjoy a few days off.

That's all the bits and pieces I could fragment of this week! Thanks to Mrs. 4444 from Half-past kissin' time for hosting this fun meme! It's been about 6 months since I've done one and I've missed reading them!

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