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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bloggin' changes...

I'm toying around with my blog schedule and trying to find the best way to make this work for me this year. I think I am turning my cooking blog into my food journal because I rarely post recipes and people frequently ask "what are you eating?" when they see you are losing weight...and this way not only will I be tracking my foods, I will have an excuse to practice my photography skills to boot.

I've created a new blog called "A Day in My Life {2011}" which is going to be more of a raw online journal. I may post random feelings there and daily struggles but nothing in a true blog format.

U8MyCrayons will continue to be for the random blog, sharing family photos, etc. I've never found my bloggy nitch so this blog doesn't have much substance or consistancy to it. Maybe that may change in 2011. Who knows? We'll see!

Lastly is the Simplify blog. It's just where I drop random ideas that I come accrossed on how to make your life a little more organized and a little less chaotic. I may only post thereonce in a while but when I do I usually am sharing ideas I've found and implemented in my own home so it's usually good stuff. :)

Have a great 2011 for those few of you that read the blog! I'm hoping to see some more positive changes this year!

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