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Friday, January 7, 2011


Today has been pretty good. For some reason I was really craving a smoke with my morning coffee. I hadn't experienced that one yet.

I worked today which helped to pass the time and I did some shopping after work too.

Today I said no to the opportunity to share a smoke break with a co-worker. I was very proud. So proud that I went straight to Starbucks and got myself a Venti Chai Latte.

I have seriously got to stop doing that! Haha! I've had 3 this week!

I've actually noticed my inner comedian is coming back to me today. Happy to see a part of me that I recognize!

Taking the kids to Incredible Pizza tonight so that should help fill my time up pretty well!

Well...I made it through 7 days. That's the longest I have survived quitting since my pregnancy. It's got to get better from here on out, right? Let us hope so!

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