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Saturday, January 1, 2011


This is how my year began. At home with my husband and children just the way I wanted it to be. No bars, no make-up, no dissapointing crowds. Just us.

I have much work to do in 2011 and I hope that I can find some motivation and accountability in journaling. I've set up this blog specifically for that. I've hesitated for years to really put much of this out there, but I think sometimes facing your feelings is a very public way really gives you a more clear perspective.

I'm not expecting miracles in 2011, but I do have 3 goals for this year. I want to lead by example every single day, I want to be a better wife, and lastly...I just want to be the best me I can be.

We're starting the new year with some evaluations for the boys. I am hoping that we can find a medical treatment that will help them help me to be a better mom that can actually meet their needs.

I'm quitting smoking. I told myself I would quit by the time I was 35. I turn 36 in April. It's time. I don't want to be a smoker anymore.

I'm also going to stop eating crap, and get off of my rum and exersize. I'm going to get back to a healthier weight. I gained 20 lbs in 2010 after losing 45 in 2009. This is unacceptable.

Lastly, I'm going to make my spiritual life a priority again. I'm going to make time for daily meditation. I'm going to read more, and listen more deeply.

I hope to come back to the begining of this blog in 12 months and feel a sense of pride. I hope to meet some new people along the way and hope that you will offer support and advice along the way.

Happy New Year, and here's to an amazing 2011!

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  1. I didn't know you smoked, woman!! I'd have been all over you for it... I hope that's the first goal you set your mind to- quit!