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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today was balls. Stayed home with Aiden again today and it is really hard to not smoke when I am at home with nothing to do.

I started to rip down a wall in the main bathroom. I have disliked the tile in there for over 5 years now and it was something to occupy my brain for a while. I really have no idea when I will finish it but at least I've created a way to spend my "smoke breaks" for now.

I posted my first article for the Examiner today. I really hope I enjoy writing for them. I have no idea what the pay will be like but I must assume that it is not very much.

I am wondering when I will get over the hump. I'm still not super confident about this quitting smoking thing. My mind is thinking this is like a diet...like there is an end to the torture and that once I hit a certain point I can go back to smoking again...kind of like a diet. Like once I hit my goal weight I can eat again. Haha! So...until I accept the idea that this is it in my brain...I'm not going to get cocky!

Not much else to say about today. It's still challenging. I'm sure it will be for months and months.

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