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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Big day today. I hosted our 1st high stress party here at the house. We had 22 guests over to celebrate my two oldests birthdays. We had a good time. I only had 2-3 outbursts. It occured to me that 2-3 was probably not a major accomplishment. I came to the realization after the party that my depression is back upon me, and nearly in full force. I cried for hours for no reason. I mourned things that I had no reason to mourn. I was angry, and I thought I was going to hit my oldest for being a typical teenager.

I have to get to the Dr. Monday and get some help. I am going to ask if she has a fast acting script to get some relief from these symptoms. In the meantime...be prepared for lots of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde moments. (Sidenote-sadface for feeling that I am old enough that some readers may not even know what that means and so I feel the need to add linkage. *sigh*)

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