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Saturday, January 15, 2011


I went back to the gym today. Krista joined me (a neighbor and friend) and we did a mile on the DREADmill and a mile on the bikes. It was a good workout and having some company was nice too!

It looks like I'm really going to do this gym thing and I'm excited to see how far I get with it!

As far as the smoking goes...not a bad day. I had a few strong cravings but nothing I didn't get passed with some gum and a frown.

I'm considering taking up super couponing as a hobby. I'm not really excited about it but I am trying to be!

On a happier, more expensive note...let the UGLY BATHROOM REMODELING begin!

Long story short. I have an ugly bathroom. I entered a contest. Hundreds of people voted for me. I did not win. I decided to start remodeling the bathroom myself and today my husband helped finish off the drywall.

I'll be posting updates here as progress happens. Yay! Here are some before pics for you to enjoy!
This was the entry I sent in for the contest.

No one ever knew how UGLY it was because I am quite skilled at lip sticking a pig!


Now everyone knows my dirty little secret, and they also know it's not getting fixed for free. This means I actually hve to do something about it!

We've ripped down the tile to uncover the mold, and discover that all of the drywall will need replacing. Fun stuff! Here's a few pics from today:

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