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Monday, January 10, 2011


Today has been just LAME! I woke up every hour last night. 2am. 3am. 4:30. 5:30. I wanted to scream every time I looked at the clock. I don't know why I am sleeping so shitty. Everyone told me that quitting smoking would make me sleep like a baby. Lies!

You know what else they told me? How GREAT my skin would be. I am 35. I look like I'm 25. Seriously...everyone is always commenting about my wrinkle free flawless skin and how they envy how young I look. Since I quit smoking...my skin looks like CRAP! I have zit fest 2011 going on over here. My face is splotchy and my eyes are swollen like I have cried for days on end!

So...I was being lazy this morning and feeling too tired from the lack of sleep when my 4 y/o says he wants to stay home today...his tummy hurts. I'm thinking he enjoyed being home for winter break and puke fest 2010 last month and has figured out that this is the way out of preschool...to be sick. I'm not happy about this. As much as I wanted to stay home...I need to go to work. My job is kind of on the line right now as it is...because I have shitty availability with 4 kids who are always getting sick and hurt!

So...my babe decided to throw up for me twice to prove his illness and it was decided that we would be staying home. I slept with him most of the morning on and off until the phone rang. My teen son had once again forgotten his binder, school book, homework, whatever...and asked for me to bring it to him. I loaded up the sick babe and drove up to the school to take him his crap.

We went to the grocery for Popsicles, and I grabbed a burger and we headed home where we curled up and took another nap together while I watched Vampires Suck...which is part hilarious and part...SUCK! Not the best movie ever, but it was mildly worth watching.

I decided to run to the mall and do some of my work tonight after the oldest kids got home and I'll finish the rest tomorrow morning. Blech.

I just realized that today's journal entry....it's the longest I've sat still an typed all year. Yay for me! Whoot!

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