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Thursday, January 27, 2011


27 days smoke free! Today is my husbands birthday. We went out for lunch AND dinner and it was nice to have the day off. We got a lot of errands completed and started mudding the bathroom.

I have done really great today. No anxiety, sadness, no mood swings. Not overly happy, but definetly more like me!

I am experiencing the most annoying side effect though. Chronic yawning. Seriously! It seems that only 2%-5% of patients experience this. Lucky me! I am yawning 1-4 times every minute. I kid you not! My throat is so sore from the constant expanding and contracting.

Apparently it is harmless, but it is really annoying. I hope that it subsides in a few days.

I had a conference call today about my job. It seems that I am in the clear, at least for now. As long as I can maintain my productivity with the increased workload everyone will be happy. I am losing $45 a month in travel pay but I guess it's a small price to pay for staying employed. Yay!
Happy Birthday to Jon!

Today was a good day.

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