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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This time of year is just no good for us!

Today was our 3 year wedding anniversary. We've not had the best of luck around our wedding date. Just weeks before the wedding our infant suffered a near death drowning. Around our 1st year anniversary our friends landlord pulled a gun on us while we were helping them move out. This year was sure to be drama free, right? I sure hoped so! 

Jon made dinner plans and lined up a sitter. It's not something he normally does. He wanted to go to Yokohama in Greenwood for some sushi. I had not eaten there yet so I was fine to go anywhere "new" to us

I recently purchased a beautiful pair of black heels to wear for the occasion with  my new "little black dress", which I purchased on clearance a few weeks back. Score!

I had the day off so I hustled and bustled to get the house in company ready know, where you run like a mad woman stuffing crap in every nook and cranny, and don't forget every closet you presume a guest would have no need to open.

The dog decided to piss in his cage. Thanks a heap, pooch. As if I didn't already have enough little people to clean up I headed outside, cage in hand, to wash it and hose it down. I left it out in the sun to dry and to hopefully bake off some of the stench.

I finished the game of hide and do not seek with my families messes and before I headed off to shower, and get ready for dinner I decided to go bring in the dogs cage. As I walked to the end of the deck to pick up the cage I stepped on the hose. I rolled right off of my flip flog, fell over, heard a snap, and hit the deck..literally.

Have you fallen as an adult? It is certainly not like I remember a fall felt like as a child. It felt like the fall was a slow motion, never ending fall. I could almost hear my voice yelling (in a low, deep pitch) Noooooooo.
I was certain I would open my eyes only to find a bone protruding out of my ankle. That snap sounded pretty nasty! It felt a little tender, but thankfully there were no protrusions.

I yelled my oldest son's name twice, and realized that having 4 children in this moment did me no benefit. I pathetically crawled to the back door. As I attempted to stand I realized that it wasn't that bad. It just felt like a twisted ankle. I decided the heels would be a no go tonight and I headed off to shower.

An hour later I was having to step in shorter strides. I decided I had better opt for flat strappy foam sandals...which also would require a different dress. I knew Jon wouldn't care what I wore so I tried to get as comfy as possible to settle in for a pain filled dinner.

I just felt this little black dress wasn't going to work...
...with these shoes. 

an hour later, just 2 hours after the fall we arrived at the restaurant. I was hurting pretty bad, but not enough to tell my brain "Hey fool, get off of your feet!" We sat down and I realized I needed to elevate my foot immediately. Luckily I was wearing a long ankle length sun dress and no one else was in our dining area. We ordered crispy calamari for an appetizer, and Jon ordered the "Godzilla". I ordered something Tempura, thanks to a previous Sushi experience with some friends I knew what to look for!

I could not tell you exactly what we ate. I was in so much pain by the time the food came that I really couldn't taste the food. The only thing I recall is that my husbands Sushi came to the table and looked like Kryptonite was garnishing his plate.
The crispy calamari was delicious, I do remember that much, and the sauce was really complimented the seasoning of the breading on the calamari.

Above is what I ate. I think it was tuna...maybe?

Above is the Godzilla aka "Krypton Sushi plate"

After we ate our food I told Jon that we must leave. I told him I was pretty sure I couldn't bear any weight on my foot. As I stood up to try and walk out I started to cry like I've never cried in public. The waitress was a bit shocked at my public display of emotion. I hopped down 2 sets of stair, and a handicap ramp to get to the van. 

I knew the ER couldn't do anything for me beyond pain meds, and I knew that they couldn't fix a broken foot. They'd give me a script for some pills I couldn't take or I'd take them and vomit all night, and have to visit Ortho Indy in the morning.

We decided we would hit Walgreens for Ice packs and an ankle brace, then hit Cheesecake Factory where Jon would run in and get 2 slices to go, we'd head home and try to salvage our night by stuffing our faces with lots of fat & sugar. 

As we left Walgreens and turned to the direction of the Cheesecake Factory I began to feel like I was going to vomit. I dumped out the Walgreens bag and as I put my head between my knees I started to see fuzzy and black. I started to sweat and said "I'm going to faint. Take me to the ER"

Jon turned around and headed to St. Francis. When we got there I was on fire. Within minutes I was freezing and had the shakes. I really wish my photo happy self had taken some humorous photos of the 3 hour ER visit, but I was just too busy feeling like I was sick, hot, cold, and on the brink of fainting. I'm an ugly cryer, so you wouldn't have wanted to see that anyway.

Of course within 5 minutes of the ER Dr. coming to see me I started feeling better. 3 hours, 6 X-rays, and a several hundred dollar bill later the verdict was in....Foot contusion, and a sprained ankle. 

Happy Anniversary to me! It's always something, every year. Next year we're celebrating in August! Ha ha!

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