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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Making holidays simple

I had intended to post this blog BEFORE Fathers day...ahhh, such is life.

On the not so grand holidays, like Fathers day, Mothers day, etc. We have found that making the giving simple really saves a lot of money, time, and energy.

We each get a special breakfast, which as yo know to any parent just means hot food that wasn't scraps left over on the kids plates. Ha!

We have the kids make homemade cards, because not only are they more precious and worth saving, they save a lot of money that we'd rather have in our pockets, not Hallmarks!

The kids usually make something for the parent. It might a painting, a t-shirt with all of the kids handprints on it, an award, or just anything creative.

We are teaching the kids to not "expect" extravagent gifts on these occasions and showing them that a gift from the heart is loved even more than a cool new gadget from the store.

I like the savings, the fact that it means bringing less into the home, and the idea that the kids get involved instead of mom and dad just shopping for cards and gifts.

I have a T-shirt idea for next year and I will try to post that test run BEFORE next Mom's and Dad's day :)

So, think about simplifying your holidays. Stop focusing on material goods, and think about what you can do for that person that doesn't bring clutter back into your life...or add to the clutter you're still battling!

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