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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The It List

We are 2 weeks into our summer vacation and we have yet to so much as touch the it list. The "IT List" is a list of things each family member wants to do this summer break. Each person picks 5 things and we make it our goal to do it all.

We need to get on it, because back-to-school will be here before we know it.


1. Camping

2. Boating

3. Zoo

4. Hiking

5. Swimming


1. Central Library

2. Eclipse

3. Toy Story 3

4. Go to a concert

5. Mall!


6. An arcade

7. Great times

8. Carnival

9. Public swimming pool

10. State Fair


6. The Children’s Museum

7. Incredible Pizza

8. Chuck-e-cheeses

9. Marion County Fair

10. Bouncer town

Mom & Dad

1. Connor Prairie

2. Go to the beach in Bloomington

3. Visit Angie in Ohio

4. Go to 2 new state parks

5. Go rafting

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