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Saturday, June 19, 2010

IT list #2 Conner Prairie

Today we enjoyed a few hours up at Conner Prairie thanks to IndyMoms. I won tickets for the family and they included a picnic lunch prior to taking a tour of the park.

When we arrived the boys spotted this old canon and I saw it as perhaps my only opportunity to get a photo of all 4 kiddos sporting 4 smiles for the day so I took advantage of the moment!

Our 1st stop was to the shelter. The mom squad was passing out animal visors for the kids. 
Meet Aiden the piglet, and Dane the duck!

The kids sat down and decorated some paper hot air balloons, a craft set up ate
each table for the kids to enjoy while the families visited aka mom time!
Next we had a picnic lunch. It was a very nice lunch. Not only did I get a break
from making a meal, and cleaning it up, the samis were tastey!

After lunch we made our 1st stop the 1859 balloon voyage. The kids got a chance to hop onto the deck, although sadly the balloon couldn't launch today because of the winds/weather.
They had a station where the kids could fill mini balloons. Dane enjoyed this!

...and yes, I forced my oldest two to dress up in smelly, old timey clothes in 90 degree weather for this photo. They were not impressed, and it's likely the last time I will ever get them to do such a thing.
Next to the balloon was a strip of old time stores. They were kinda neat.
I liked how they had painted window displays to make them look like real stores.
The next stop was the Lenape Indiana camp 
This is a Wigwam that the Indian children would sleep in. It was covered in large sheets of tree bark.
Inside were bunk beds made from tree branches.
There were a lot of furs spread out onto the beds when we visited.
This old cabin was the trading post.
Inside the post was a very cool fire place. Can you imagine what it would be like to have to prepare all of your meal in there? I'll keep my kitchen for now, thank you!
The trading post was looking to trade their wares for fur. We didn't have any fur so we just looked around.
After we left camp we headed into Prairie town. There was a wedding going on in town today.
The single town ladies were all a gossip about how the McClures thought they were a bit better off than everyone else. Who knew there was small town drama?
A very nervous father of the bride walking his daughter down the aisle.
as a musician played his violin.
Guests came in from many other towns to take part in the special day.
The couple shared their vows, and everyone ate cake...except for us. I didn't think the kids could handle the sugar and the heat, and we had saved all of our chocolate chip cookies that we didn't eat at the picnic earlier.
Some of the wedding guests were staying at the Golden Eagle Inn, where you could stay for a night for just $ .12!
We moved on over to the school house where the kids played with stilts. I wish I had some pics of the school, but I was avoiding steps for the remainder of the day, for I had once again twisted my left ankle.
Nadine was a natural on the stilts.
Andrew was not...
We stopped by one of the residents barn to chase some chickens. They move fast! Even Aiden couldn't catch one. Believe me, it was not for lack of trying. and trying. and trying.
Just a wagon...because I think they are neat!
We toured the Conner house heirloom gardens. The kids enjoyed smelling plants, and walking on the garden paths. I loved the garden itself, and am considering making my next garden lay out a little something like this one!
We visited the animal encounters barn. The kids loved this part the best. All four of my children are major animal lovers.
They enjoyed petting the goats...
and Aiden hopped on this saddle while giving a little Yee-hawww cowboy!
meet Ham & cheese. She's my only daughter. She thinks she's cute because peple keep telling her so. I have to admit, while she may be rotten at times, she makes on hell of a cute cowgirl!
I think Dane would have pet animals all day.
We ended the day inside the air conditioned welcome center, where Aiden and Dane played with trains for all of 5 minutes before a tantrum ensured. We had long since missed nap time and Aiden needed to get home, stat!

It was a jam packed afternoon, and we didn't get to see much more than a third of Conner Prairie. I'd love to get a membership and take the kids back to spend more time touring the park, and participating in the events we didn't have time for today.

Another big thanks to IndyMoms for their contest! Our family enjoyed the park very much!


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