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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A 4 Year Old & his PB&J

Every day after daycare my toddler has an afternoon snack. Today he asked me to open the pantry for him so he could make a snack. Normally he says "get a snack" so I was curious what he had up his sleeve.

As he pulled out the jar of peanut butter I asked "What are you doing?" and he said "I'm going to make me a peanut butter jelly sandwhich. I'm going to make it by myself for myself."

So, I grabed the camera and decided to watch him make this sandwhich. I must admit I was a bit dissapointed that he was able to make his sandwhich without making a mees. In fact, he did better than my 8, 11, & 13 year olds when it came to cleanliness and technique.

He had such a sense of big boy satisfaction when he was finished, and he grinned like it was the best PB&J he had ever tasted when he ate it. It was one of those moments I just hope to remember for decades.

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  1. My 4 year old makes her own too without a problem. Very proud of her and very proud of your son as well!! Way to go!

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