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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Digital declutter!

I've been off my feet for a few because of a minor foot injury, and I've been bored out of my mind! I decided since I couldn't do much in the way of housework that maybe it would be a good time to do some digital declutter while my rear is making a permanent indentation in my desk chair.

I started with my e-mail accounts. I have 3. One for work, one for personal, and one for coupons and offers.

I started by organizing the emails in my in box that were save worthy and sorting them into folders. Then I deleted the junk I didn't need anymore.

Once I had the in boxes empty I worked on deleting folders that had expired offers, or were companies that I no longer work with.

Once that was done I moved onto clearing out the My Documents folder on my external hard drive. I deleted all of the old files, organized the ones I had not filed yet, and did a system back-up to ensure all new files would be safe in the event of a virus or system crash.

I then moved onto my ever growing Pictures file. I keep my photos organized in folders. I make a new folder for each year, and it has sub folders dated for every day I take photos. I label the sub folders "6-10 Strawberry Festival" or "6-10 Blog on Kitchen" etc. The clutter in the photos comes fro my cell pictures. When I download them they go directly into a folder labeled for cell downloads, and often times I do not immediately send them to the appropriate folders.

My last digital declutter task of the day was to finish and post the 2010 blogs from Jan-April 1st, 2010. They were mostly just family events that I had attached the photos to, and needed to add text to. I'm pretty bad about that. It's not a good practice because by the time I get around to the blog I've lost all the funny and precious moments that happened that day. I have to get better about giving my blogs a little daily attention each day!

So, if you have sick day, or a day when you are not able to work on your home, yard, garden, etc. consider using that time for a digital declutter of your own!

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