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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Displaced anger

It's almost become an epidemic in this household. I'm not sure what more I can do with this one. I don't know how I can have 5 family members whom refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. I think I accept my role in the negative things that come unto my life fairly consistantly. Almost taking too much of the blame in many situations.

My husband found his favorite hat on the floor this evening. The dog had apparently chewed it up. It's not the first item this dog had used as a chew toy...not even the 1st hat. You would think that he would learn that this is why people should pick up their belongings. Instead he goes after the dog, swinging the hat at him, telling him he's a bad dog.

My oldest son found one of his fave Wii games was scratched beyond repair. HE cannot blame the game anymore. Instead of accepting responsibility for not putting the games back in their cases he stomps around the house, interrogating his siblings to see who the last soul was that played his precious game. Surely it wasn't him, right?

My daughter lets her toddler brother use her iPod. It has been missing for weeks. She blames him for not taking care of it. Who loans a toddler one of their most prized possesions? Of course its not partly her fault for trusting a 4 y/o to be responsible. It's probably buried in the sandbox, or in the dirt somewhere.

My middle son was playnig with his transformers. Someone broke the arm off of his Optimus Prime. He's in a fit of rage because he's certain the toddler did it because the toddler clearly hates him. It couldn't have possibly been an accident, or because our middle son plays rough and throws toys around in the head of the battle. Nooooooooo...had to be the babies fault.

Then there is my toddler. He leaves a toy on the floor and daddy steps on it. Daddy picks it up and places it on the counter to see if it can be fixed after work. The toddler see's the damaged toy and demands to know who did this. I explain that daddy accidentally stepped on it because it was on the floor. I ask if he is supposed to leave toys on the floor at night. He replies "Why doesn't daddy watch where he is walking?"


It really does start to feel like a lost cause. Don't get me wrong. My children are not always irresponsible. It just seems to come in waves, like they have all planned to join forces on Wednesday to take me to the brink of insanity.

I need a glass of wine, and a bubble bath!

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  1. Have you read any Moorman/Haller books?? Because I think they could do wonders!! Responsibility is their focus!!