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Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's swimming time!

We finally opened up the pool today. The kids begged all week, and today I had to give in. They swam in 80 degree weather for about an hour, Crazy kids! They had a good time, and I enjoyed biting my nails as I played lifeguard!
We started our morning here...
and ended here. Minus 2 spruce trees and 2 shrubs!
It's been a busy day working in the yard and visiting the CFI Market day on the canal! I wish I had my camera for that. Not much blog worthy stuff today, but we had a great day!


  1. I keep wondering if we should get a pool... then I just try to remember that I have friends with pools and that we are too busy to take care of our house so there is no way we could take care of a pool!!

    I hop eyou were able to set aside the nail biting for a few minutes and have some fun with the kids!

  2. Wahooo! Swimming pool! My kids are also begging me for a swimming pool at home. Summer is coming and I want them to enjoy summer to the fullest. So, I think I'll have to ask my hubby soon about it.