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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The baby is 4!

Today is Aiden's 4th birthday. We had a party at the house for family and friends. I must admit while I do not have a favorite child his birthdays certainly man more to us than the others since his near drowning on the eve of his 1st birthday party. It's more of a milestone than a year of life, it's another year since we nearly lost him too!

After lunch Aiden opened lots of presents, and cards.

He gave dozens of thank yous and he kept saying "I knew I wanted that!"
We had a Monster Jam Gravedigger Pinata!
And the kids scrambled for the candy and toys!
Here's the Monster Jam cake I made him
He loved the cake topper and couldn't wait to get it off the cake!
So he made a wish for more monster trucks and blew out his candles
And he played and played for hours on end with those new Monster trucks!

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