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Saturday, May 15, 2010

4th time for 4

Today is my dear, sweet, all-boy toddler Aidens 4th birthday. This child is very special to me...of course all of my children are special to me, but he is in a special way.
He came into my life, kicking and screaming, on May 15th, 2006. Here's the funny thing...all of his life I have told everyone that he was 9lbs even. As I reviewed the photos of his last 4 years of life I discovered that the blissful state I was in on the day of his birth must have altered my memory...as it seems the evidence from the hospital birthing wall shows he was 8 lbs, 9oz. How funny is that?
He was the smallest baby out of all 4, this much I knew. He was so much smaller than the others that I was almost afraid to hold him!
Those who know this wild child will tell you that his small size has never kept him from doing anything. He has a determination in his spirit like no other! Here is Aiden on his 1st birthday!

This punk has been climbing since before he could effectively walk! (16 mos)

He was so squirmy that he was impossible to photograph!

2 months after his 2nd birthday mommy allowed him a 2nd chance at swimming in the pool. Dad wasn't allowed to leave his side, and he had to wear a life jacket...just to be on the stairs. What can I say...one scare of a lifetime is enough!
By his 3rd birthday I had all but given up on taming the wild...so I let him start dating a girl down the street. She seemed sweet enough, and honestly I wasn't sure I could make it another year with him!

At age 3 years 3 mos old mommy finally decided to take the plunge. After about an hour of "swimming" with a death grip on Sissy my Aiden showed an interest in swimming solo. He had never been past the stairs alone since his 1st birthday. I wouldn't hear of it. You'd have had to knock me out before I'd even consider it. In that moment it just felt right, and with dozens of family standing by dad encouraged him to jump in. I didn't think he'd do it. He did, and we survived!

...and then he turned 4. I've shared more heart ache, and joy, and sorrow, and laughter with this child than I ever knew was possible. I can't wait to see what Aidens 4th year brings...kind of.

I only ask that it is a safe, and fun adventure!

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