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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Muffins for Mom!

Today my youngest had a Mothers day event at his daycare. They called it "Muffins for Mom" and it was just about the cutest activity I've seen a school host for the little one's in honor of Mothers day.

We had gigantic muffins and lemonade for the afternoon snack. It was so cute sitting at the little kiddie tables watching all of the toddlers eyes light up when the huge muffins were placed before them!

After snack time the kids picked up the pots that they had decorated for us. Aiden made me as a stick figure, and I thanked him for giving me skinny legs!

We headed outside to the playground and the teachers had flats of marigolds and a big tote of dirt. The kids panted a marigold in their pots with mom's help as a gift for mothers day.

We had a good afternoon together, and this is one Mothers day gift that I just know I will enjoy every year when we plant a new flower in my special little pot. 


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