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Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex & the City 2!

Today was an old friends birthday. We've nown each other for over 20 years and I haven't seen her since her last birthday. Shame, shame!

We started the eveing with a group going to see Sex & the City 2. With the crap reviews I'd been hearing I surely thought that I'd hate it. I loved the show, and the 1st movie was good. I was certain that this would be a dissapointment. The movie was really good!

They had great messages about marriage, and friendship, commitment, and love. It had humor, and excitment, and a little drama. What more do you people want? I enjoyed it very much with all the outlandish fashion, and unrealistic sex scenes. :)

After the movie we headed to the Cadillac Ranch. I'd heard this place was the "It" place, and thought that the birthday girl could enjoy a ride on the bull. We had reservations for the birthday party complete with champagne and bull rides!

The service as so completely unacceptable that we bailed. After 20 minutes we had not even recieved our first round of drinks. Our server seemed to have good dish to gossip about behind the bar and despite the lack of customers at 9:20pm, she didn't seem to concerened about our money,or her tip.

I could have walked acrossed the street, bought a drink, drank it, and came back in the time we waited for service. We were hungry and crabby old people so we decided to leave.

We ended up at Ikes down the street where it was jam packed from hip to him, and we were able to get service within 2 minutes-drink in hand, and loads of good dance songs to boot!

It was a fun night with some old friends, and I enjoyed meeting a few new ones. I hope to see my dear friend Laura again soon, preferably before her NEXT birthday!

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