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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Organizing Your Hair care products

How to make your morning (or whenever mom gets herself ready) easier! I've probably shared this before a time or two in previous blogs, but it really does make all the difference for a mom who has virtually no storage for herself when it comes to getting ready for the day! We have a nice linen closet in the kids bathroom. but the master bath, unfortunately, has no storage other than the tiny sink base cabinet.

For years I shared the bath with 4 kiddos so I could have storage for moms stuff nearby in the linen closet when I took my showers.

In 2009, with the goal being to make my husbands and I's life closer, I moved back into the master bath. I had to find a way to contain my many hair products so that I could get ready without knocking over 12 bottles of gunk!

I bought a shower caddy during back to school time at Wal-mart that was sold with all of those dorm room items they get in seasonally, and I use it for my hair care items. Some of you may not have as much hair care product as I do. Some may have more make-up than my non-existent collection. Maybe lotions and perfume is your thing.

However you do your mornings, find containers that will hold your daily use items. It makes getting ready so much easier!

My container holds 2 hairsprays for me, 1 for DD, my mouse, gel, lens cleaner, deodorant, body spray, 2 types of perfume, some hair ties/clips, hair lotion, spray, shine, body lotion, pics, combs, and a few other items.

It's easy to store under the sink vanity, and I can pull everything out without dropping anything. It's a nice way to make getting ready a bit simpler.

Look at how tiny that sink vanity is!
It is a cruel joke for a woman to have such little space to work on!
Am I right?!?

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