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Saturday, May 22, 2010

5th grade graduation dinner

It's hard to believe my only daughter, my 2nd born, is graduating elementary school. Tonight was her graduation ceremony...can I just say how over rated this stuff is? I mean...this graduation ceremony was nearly as long as the 8th grade ones, if not longer!

It was 3 hours long! I'm glad that the school takes the time to recognize the kids efforts, but some of these rewards were a bit much. Just sayin'!

We had dinner at 5:45, Chicken w/mashed pits and corn, lemonade and cake. It was nice, but definetly "ate up" a lot of time. *wah wah wahhh* bad pun, I know!

We had a great time, and I really enjoyed seeing the photos of the kids from age 5 to 5th grade. It was amazing how much they've all grown and changed!

Nadine went up on stage to receive her certificates and sadly the stage lighting made getting a good photo impossible. : /

Nadine and her friend, Kalah, enjoyed watching their friends go up on stage and "graduate".

After the ceremony I snapped a pic (or tried to) of sis in front of the stage

Isn't she just so sassy? I have NO idea where she gets it! ;P

Gosh my baby girl sure is growing up fast these days!

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