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Monday, August 30, 2010

Observe Nature

I try to take time to observe nature a little every day. Ideally this happens at unexpected times and in unexpected places. I hadn't taken much time to "smell the roses" lately, and it's showing in my moods.

I was having a late start to my morning. My toddler was not ready to get dressed to go to PreK so I sat at my desk in the sunroom and I heard a funny noise. It sounded as if something was scratching the siding on the back of the house. As I went out back to check out what was causing the noise I found that a squirrel was decapitating one of my sunflowers for his morning breakfast.

He scurried along the deck railing with this huge sunflower in his mouth. I went back inside as he enjoyed his breakfast. Please ignore the dead fern plant. I have learned this year that wild ferns do not like living in pots very much. I'm hoping they come up again next year so I can put them into the ground!

I went outside late to inspect the sunflowers. The wind has all but taken them down. I am sure that Mr. Squirrels snacking didn't add much damage to them.

Later my son observed that the herb garden that the sunflowers are planted in has aquired quite a few catapillars. He took a photo of a few of them. He's a pretty good photographer!

Next time you are feeling stressed out...take time to observe nature. I'm not sure exactly why it works, but it least for me!

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