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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Organizing school papers

Today's blog is for my friend Kari. She has a child entering pre-school and she feels like she's drowning in paperwork. We've all been there, right? If you haven't you simply must not be human! lol

For things that have a deadline (projects, vaccinations, special days that you want to remember like Pajama day, etc.) there are a few things you can do.

The 1st thing you need is a good family calendar. Now...I say this with a bit of hypocrisy because in 14 years I've never found the "right" calendar, but just try one out and see how you feel about it.

As soon as you receive notice f a school event/function/deadline immediately write it on the calendar. It may also help to write a reminder 2 days prior (ie: On Wednesday note a reminder that Pajama day is on Friday!) This helps give you some time to remember...just in case the event involves prep work, baking, laundry, etc.

If you have a cell phone w/alerts it may also be helpful to use that for reminders as well. It just depends on how frequently you use your cell phone.

The next thing you need is a place to temporarily store the paperwork in. I have 3 tabbed folders (the kind you use for bills) and I keep them on my desk so they are within reach.

One is for information. Schedules, locker codes, practice schedules, and anything else I may need to review throughout the school year.

The 2nd tab is for To-do. These are forms that need filled out, permission slips, and anything that you might need to return to school.

The 3rd folder is for "To file" and this is for school papers you'd like to keep, either for your records or for the kids memory books.

I also keep a clip board for each child in the kitchen. They hang on my cabinets. It's not the most visually appealing solution, but it makes it easy for me to glance at the school schedule for the year, and it's where I keep school phone numbers, transportation numbers if we miss a bus. teacher contact info, etc.

Lastly you will want a place to store the best art work and school papers from each year. I suggest an accordion folder for this. I have a blog with pictures of the clip boards as well as the folders I use for school papers that we keep and you can view it at:

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