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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Indiana State Fair: Day 2; Selena Gomez!

I took my 11 y/o daughter, and two friends to the Indiana State Fair and to see Selena Gomez and the Scene in concert today. They boys were with my husband at Grammy & Grampy's house for the weekend so this was a great time for some girl time.

We arrived at the fair at noon. I thought this was plenty of time to enjoy some of the fair, but was surprised at how fast the time slipped by. It seems to be the trend in our lives!

I had planned to skip the midway this time, but on the way to the fair the girls were talking...

Mykalah tells the girls that she hasn't been to the Indiana State Fair yet. I decided that this warranted a celebration, which clearly had to start at the midway!
Nadine told the girls they simply must ride the Kite Flyer. She thought it was very relaxing last week. I think I'd have tossed my cookie.
Peyton wanted to ride the Tugboat ride next.

After that we walked the midway for a while.
The girls fell in LOVE with all the big pig plush prizes.
This is the year of the pig, after all.

The girls decided to ride another ride. Who's crazy enough to ride the Crazy Mouse coaster?

Nadine & Peyton!

After that we had just enough tickets for one more ride...a Super Slide Race!

Peyton won!
Poor Mykalah's potato sack got stuck on the slide and she had to come down after the girls did, and she scraped her knee on the slide on the way down.

Next we visited the animal barns. Nadine loves to pet the babies!
As I took this picture the calf started eating Nadine's hair!
Of course the girls had to swoon over the piglets!
The girls wanted to sit on the pig statue. Poor pig...he was outnumbered!
As we were walking around in the search of dinner the girls kept doing this really cute thing. They called it a "shadow high 5" and I thought it would make a really fin picture. As it turns out a shadow high 5 isn't as easy as it seems. The girls weren't actually touching hands. They all had to move the hands just right to make the shadows line up.
Have I mentioned it's the year of the pig? Of course this meant delicious pork meals! We had pork burgers, and pork chops, and bbq pork, and they even had pork chop samis. It was delicious!
We hopped over to the Bridge to Japan, and enjoyed some AC while they gave a performance.
These hams will find a photo op anywhere!
We stopped by the IndyMoms table to visit the Mom squad and to say thank you for the tickets we won in a recent contest on their website!
We headed to the grandstands just in time to find our seats for the Selena Gomez and the Scene concert! The girls thought the metromix-Indianapolis VIP seats were uber cool.
I got lots of bonus "best mom ever" points for winning these tickets from! It's a good thing too because the 1st week of 6th grade had me way down in points!
The grandstands behind us were packed. They sold out! Selena later told the crowd of fans that this was her largest sold-out concert in her career. Go Indianapolis!
The opening band, Days Difference, was really good! We had not heard of them, but they boys did good!
When Selena came out the girls went wild!

The girls started climbing up on their seats. They were pumped!
It was crazy hot but that didn't stop these fans from singing and dancing with Selena.
The place was packed. We had such a great time!
Silly girls on the way out of the fair.
I am blessed to be able to enjoy these times with my daughter, and to be able to share this with her friends too. Today was a good good day!

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