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Monday, August 9, 2010

Incredible Pizza Company-Indianapolis

One last hoorah before summer break comes to an end! I took the kids and a few friends over to Incredible Pizza Company. We had a coupon for unlimited attractions so the kids rode the bumper cars, go karts, played mini golf, and mini bowling, along with a virtual reality ride for hours. We ate, and ate, and ate at the unlimited buffet too! Good times!

We enjoyed the Route 66 Black light mini golf...
but after 9 holes my heart hurt a lil bit from all the color and lighting!

The kids enjoyed a few rounds of mini bowling. It's much harder to control those little balls!
After the games we ate lunch in the indoor drive-in theater. Here's the incoming 8th grade smarticles!
Then it was time for some bumper car action!
Next up was go kart racing. None of us have a future with Nascar, for sure!

Aiden rode the toddler merry-go-round
Dane enjoyed many arcade games...which were not unlimited =(
We goofed around. A lot. It's what we do!
The boys rode the virtual reality ride many times...
...until they couldn't walk straight. Ha!
We ate again, and had dessert, and then we headed home.
We had a great day at the IPC!

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