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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jonas Brothers, Demi Lavado, and Camp Rock 2 concert

I took my daughter, Nadine, and her BFF, Mykalah, to a concert at Verizon wireless tonight. We saw the JoBros, and Demi in concert a couple of years ago with Avril Lavigne. This was Mykalahs 1st concert so she was much more excited than I was. JoBros. Sigh.

When we arrived the crowd was already pretty large!
Nadine, the future poster child for Bandz braclets. She has them in her hair, on her neck, wrists, ankles, and ears. Good grief.

Nadine and Myalah decided to have a snack while we waited for the show to start...30 minutes late!

...and after about 20 minutes they gave up and just decided to lay down. It was HAWT!

"Mom. Stop taking our picture Puh-leaaaaaaase!"

Suddenly a gagillion 8 y/o girls started squealing so the girls hopped up to see what the buz was about. Could it be...are they finally starting? Nope. It was just Ernie D from Radio Disney.

The show started with Camp Rock 2. They showed scenes from the new movie, and played a few songs. They taught the crowd some new dance moves...or at least they tried to!

Demi came out and man has she grown up!
I like Demi's stage. It reminded me of the 80's. Did I just say that? *Old*

The kids use the backlight of their cell phones instead of lighters these days. Nadine doesn't have a cell phone so she used Mykalahs.

The Jonas Brothers came out just as it got dark. They have really gron up too!

They ended with a few Camp Rock 2 songs and we high tailed it to the car. I hate the traffic at this place. If you don't leave a song early you will be sitting in the parking field for hours!

We hit the red carpet on our way out of the VIP lounge.

The Red Bull girls were there. They gave the girls each 2 Red Bulls. I quickly confiscated them. It was 10:30! What were they thinking giving young girls caffeine, and at this hour? Not!

We had a great time and I'm glad Mykalah was able to attend!

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