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Monday, August 16, 2010

Aiden's 1st day of PreK!

Well, the time has come...our "baby" has graduated to PreK. *sad face*. I can't believe it! He was so excited to see his new classroom. I hope he continues to enjoy it!

He was anxiously awaiting his 1st day of school like a kid at a bus stop. & dad are driving you. We're not ready to put you on a bus yet baby!
He was looking very impatient!
C'mon guys...I have friends to see!

Aiden in the hall of his preschool.


  1. Very cute! Sammie is doing Pre-K one more time and then I will be putting her on the bus next year. :/

  2. It's so wonderful that they take off on that first day full of excited anticipation. I hope he continues to be excited. He's a precious child.