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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Indiana caught the Beiber fever

I took my daughter to Conseco Fieldhouse in Indaianpolis tonight for the Justin Beiber concert! I've never been to our new (to me) field house yet. It was jam packed, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that all of the lines moved fairly well.

We had awful seats. I know better next time. I thought my Daughter was not going to make it...we were so high up we both felt sick until they turned the lights off!

It was a lot of fun watching her dance, and sing, and I was happy to hear a few artists I knew that opened for the Beib...because he's just not my thing.

We arrived about 30 minutes early. I love that Nadine wanted to wear a dress and not the typical crazed fan attire...while I would have supported her in shirt making and face painting, I kinda like that she is outgrowing that stage!

We found our seats and convinced ourselves to stay at least until they show started.
Did I mention how HIGH up we were?
His stage sets were pretty good.
The dancers were good too.
Nadine got cold and had to put on her keepsakeTour T-shirt. 
He wrote the I <3 You graffitti on stage and man did that make the girls squeal!
He floated around in this egg over the floor. That was a crowd pleaser! More screams please.
He played the drums. I think Nadine loved this part the best.
I <3 drummers...but not this one. He's too young!
He also floated around in this heart over the floor while he sang and played his guitar.
This induced more screams...
especially when it started turning.
He did a Michael Jackson song and he has some very good Michaelish moves.
I didn't care for this all white look he had going on. He looked like a painter to me.
Nadine got adventurous and sat on the stairs. I promptly moved her back to the chair so she didn't get stepped on!
Here's the JB in red.
I didn't know he played the piano. He's really a good player too.
My fave part was probably the short hip-hop free style bit.
They took turns dancing in the corner like it was a dance-off.
The show was good...the girls drove me crazy, but all in all I think the pain and agony was worth it for Nadine. This was the biggest concert she's ever been to, and it's not likely she'll get to go to one like this again unless mom likes the artist a whole lot...and preferably if it's not a ton of screaming pre-teen girls fave artist too!


  1. You're such a cool mom! But I also know that Nadine is an amazing girl and deserved to kick off the school year with something really amazing.

    I'm not a Beiber fan- I'm really just Beiber ignorant (and fine with that). Good to know he's a true musician, though. being able to sing and play multiple instruments is cool!

  2. Thanks Liz. I like to be the cool mom every once in a while when the kids can handle it ;) I'm not a Beiber fan either, but I totally get it. Hello...Menudo? NKOTB? Ha!

    I was impressed that such a young kid can sing, dance, play guitar, drums, and piano to boot.

    I will say that while i don't enjoy his music, he definetly has several qualities the resembled some very famous artists. I'll be this kids 15 minutes will last a long time!

    He had a bit of Michael Jackson, and a bit of Gaga vibe (believe it or not)