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Friday, August 6, 2010

My daughter, the prankster

My kids love to play pranks on each other, and I think it's just hilarious. Some of them get the *epic fail* title, while others are complete awesomeness!

My DH went out to mow a little while ago. He came back in and said "Have you seen the boys window?" I said "Oh no, what now?!?" Fully expecting to find that the rowdy boys had cracked their wondow I hurried outside to see the damage.

What I saw was 18 secadas clinging onto their window screen. I looked in amazement and said " did DS sleep thru them all???

So, I snapped a photo with my cell and ran inside. My 8 y/o is deathly afraid of any clinging, stinging, and biting bug known to man. I knew I had to get these things removed, and fast! I quickly said to the older kids "Guys, have any of you seen D's window? They laughed and DD said "Yep. Best prank eva!" Luckily D was in the shower. As I went to remove them from his window he enters his room. He drops his towel and immediately started crying.

Guess I should have skipped the photo and show & tell with the older kids and got them removed faster before he found them.

So, in order to calm down the bug-a-phobic one I suggested that payback's were in order. He decided to place all 18 of them on her 3 pillows...or at least he asked me if I would place them for him.

When she saw the prank on her bed she said "Awe, that's cute...I think I'll keep them there."
...and momma said
"Ummmm...NO YOU WILL NOT! Remove them now."

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  1. The cicadas all over the window is very much like something my brother would have done to me when we were younger.
    And in answer to your question about the award.....yes, yes, yes. Pass it along. Today or whenever. It's yours now to do with as you please. Keep it in mind in case someone later needs a bit of encouragement.