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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Indiana State Fair: Day 1; Family night

Today was "Free day" at the Indiana State Fair. Every year they print a ticket for free admission (an $8 value) in the Monday Indy Star newspaper. We buy a paper for each of us (except Aiden...he's still free this year) for $ .75. It's a great value for the larger families! You can go one of two weekdays, and today is day 1!

We had to wait for school to let out, and for the oldest 2 kiddos to finish practice. This was not the best of nights to go, but we have to take advantage of these free, or near free activities when we can!

We only spent 3 hours at the fair, but I am satisfied with how much fair we were able to fit into such a short visit.

Aiden was thrilled to be able to pet the babies today!
Cookies & creme, chocolate, and expresso cows =D
The WORLDS largets Boar...right here at the Indiana State fair!
This photo just doesn't do this big guy any justice. He was HUGE! He weighs almost 1,300 lbs!!!
Pink piggies!
...and black piggies!
Moma and her babes.
This goat was funny. Every time I held up my camera he would dunk his head down.
The kids enjoyed the parade, which happened to start rigt as we sat down to eat.
We were so distracted by the parade that I forgot food pics!
It's the Beauty Queen!
Welll...I think the "Year of the Pig" deserved a better costume. Just sayin'. ;)
After dinner and the parade we headed to the indoor agricultural stuff!
This is the 2010 cheese sculpture which was just revealed today!
This sand sculpture was a model of the fair train. Aiden wanted to take a ride. Ha!
This is the audiance of the cockroach race. I've never seen the actual cockroaches race, thankfully, but I giggle every year at the cockroach patrons that have a resting place as spectators.
We visit the Ball State Ag/Hort building every year. In this building is the farmers market cafe, produce competition, gardens, canned goods scultures and so much more!

This was the giant pumpkin of 2010. Over 700 lbs! That's a lot of pie, yo'!
This train runs through a landscaped garden area and Aiden loves to take a break to watch the train make a few laps on the track.
I don't know why but I love checking out the annual canned goods sculptures.
This Toy Story inspired pig was Nadine's fave.
This bacon and eggs skillet was Andrews fave.
Jon like the "Green eggs and ham" entry.
Dane loved this pig, ready to eat!
I really loved Piglet and Pooh!
And of course, Aiden liked the Rocket and Pig astronaut!
We scammed a lot of indoor activity this visit because of the heat, and the fact that the kids had ran several miles after school at practice. We finally decided to head to the midway.

Dane & Aiden road the Catapillar coaster!

Andrew doesn't do rides, but he gladly went on the Raiders obstacle course to help little Aiden and Dane went along too.
Nadine rode the Kite Flyer ride!
It was so stinking hot that NONE of us remembered dessert until we were half way home! No elephant ears, no funnel cakes, no dipppin' dots. Nada! Maybe on Friday ;)

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