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Saturday, August 7, 2010

You have a choice

Everyone does. I teach my children this on a daily basis, in the hopes that they will begin to recognize their choices younger than most Americans tend to. We all have choices to make, nearly every second of the day.

Some people say God gave us free will. Others say it's his greatest gift, the gift of choice. For the non-believers it's still a choice and while it may not be a gift from a higher power, we all have choices.

We may not like the choices we are given in a situation, but we do have a choice.

You may choose to get out of bed everyday and care for your children. To you this is not a choice, but the reality is that this IS a choice that many mothers don't choose. They choose to leave their children to fend for themselves. They choose to drink too much, or slip into depression, or simply work themselves to the bone until they feel they cannot physically care for their children.

Our choices carve the very path we are on. We may not like our options, but even in a situation of the lesser of two negatives, there is always a choice that will lead to a more positive result down the road.

Making choices is one of the most basic gifts we can give each other, as well as out children.

Today I am making a choice. A big choice. I hope I am making the best choice. I am facing many fears today, and I hope to come out of the tunnel on the other side alive, and well.

PS-My's not a major, earth shattering choice to most people. This is not about family of friends. It's a small choice to most, and depending on the results I may very well blog on that later. We'll see.

Have a great day!

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