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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm childish

That's right. I'm childish. I'm 35 going on 15. I cannot help it. It's as if parts of me froze in time.

Some of my friends say I dress too young, I act too young, and on occasion I apparently speak/text too young. I can promise you I am a grown up. I am professional, when I need to be. I am responsible damn it!

Of course none of my friends would deny any of that. They know I am good people. They also know that I tend to suffer from the inability to see clearly when my behavior is annoying to others. I appreciate honest and constructive criticism because...I'm just to immature to "get it" sometimes. Just be gentle. I do wear my heart on my sleeve, you know.

I like to play! I love to laugh! I enjoy dreaming! I hope to never ever lose that quality!

I'm silly, and crazy, and fun. This is how you know that I am truly comfortable with you. When you see me let down...you know that I trust you. If I act this way around you it's because I get a sense of comfort from our relationship, and I trust you to not hurt me.

This doesn't always work out the best for me, but the pain from that hurting is not for nothing. I learn something new about myself and the world from every uncomfortable situation.

Now...who would like to see some photos of the real Lety?

I LOVE pixie stix. Know what I LOVE even more?
Spelling it wrong so it sounds like a fairy woodland creature.

I LOVE gigantic pixie sticks more than my luggage.
I LOVED when my friend Michelle ganked her kids pixie stix for me from his Halloween loot!
I LOVE how my naughty hair is ever changing!

I LOVE when I stick my foot in my mouth because often times I've slipped up on something I've been keeping inside far too long. Open mouth, insert foot and away with the guilt of secrets!
I LOVE when someone makes me mad enough to want to hit them, and then they make me smile and the anger melts away.
I LOVE animals. Especially tiny ones that I can hold in my hand...until they poop or pee on me.
I LOVE Cherry Limeade...and this shirt...and how I Fb these photos to tease my friends.
Na na na na boo boo...I have a cherry limeade and you don't. ;)
I LOVE Sharpie markers...and this shirt...again...I really, really do!
I also love funky bracelets that make me feel all rocker chick.

Okay, now I am just being silly. So much so that I forget what this blog was all about. Oh well...it's hump day, and I'm stuck at home with a sick little man. A girls gotta entertain herself, right?

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