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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break 2011: Day 2

Today has been crazy. It is 5 o'clock and I am ready for dinner. I got up early...early for spring break, anyway. I went to work for a few hours, came home to get the teenagers. I ran them to the movies, then I took the middles out to lunch at the mall. We then ran to daycare to pick up the youngest from Preschool. I dropped them off at home and went back to work. Then I met the teenagers at the mall and did some shopping. We are toying around with the idea of sushi for dinner. I approve!

Teenage boys making plans via cell, text, and Facebook.
Remember when we did this with a cord attached to our head? 

Boys at the theater. Yep...I'm that lame mom that takes pics of everything.
Physical evidence for those times when they say...
"We never do ANYTHING!"

Dane had Luca Pizza. He loved the pepperoni breadsticks. I loved them too!
Sadly Dane did not share. Boo!

Nadine had China Express for lunch. She says you can not go wrong with Bourbon chicken. Mmmm...
I had Sesame chicken. I can tell you that you CAN go wrong with Sesame chicken. Ha!

The boys hung out after the movies for a bit.
I think they had a good time.
For dinner went to the kids fave place to eat for dinner. Tokyo buffet.
I seriously LOVE their sushi bar
The kids always love to eat here!

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  1. Never been to Tokyo Buffet but I want to based on the pics!!