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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Smiles For You!

Do you have websites that you visit when you just need a laugh? I have a few staples that I go to when my frown needs a pick me up. Since I don't have a lot to say this morning I figured I'd share some of my fave happy places on the interweb. (FTR-I have no idea why ppl are calling it interweb, so if you know-enlighten me)

My 1st fave place is a blog. Katie always knows what's fun! She makes my inner child squeeee!

Next up is Damn You Auto Correct...because my EVO is a pop-tard and it changes my texts to the most random shit that no where even remotely matches what I typed.

I love to visit Awkward Family Photos. Some of those photos are HILARIOUS!

Hyperbole and a half cracks me up. I wish I had mad crazy cartoonist skills like this blogger.

Texts from last night can be funny, but honestly I feel like many of them are made up. In the beginning they seemed to be genuinely hilarious and now it sort of feels like a bunch of writers are making shit up. Still good for a laugh from time to time.

And last, but not least...my current fave is a perky young lady signing Cee Lo Green's Fuck You in ASL.


  1. Damn You, Auto Correct has basically replaced TFLN for me. I agree--some of the "texts" seem made up. But maybe I'm just bitter that they never published *MY* TFLN. I thought it was funny, anyways. Cakewrecks is a funny one too!

  2. I love Hyperbole and a Half! I only wish she'd post more than once a month--but at least she's got her older posts. The hate spiral is one of my all time favorites! "I'm a bird, I'm a bird, I'm a bird..." LMAO!!!